Due to poverty, neediness and hunger, every 4 in 10 children in Arusha miss out on anything to eat at lunchtime. For those children in schools, many will have had no breakfast, and they find it difficult to concentrate and gain an education.

Imagine a 6-year-old spending 6 hours at school with an interval of 30 minutes break spent mainly yawning, without any meal simply because of poverty! The pressing poverty has forced many caretakers and less privileged parents to starve their children. Malnutrition and undernourishment greatly affect children’s health and development, attention spurn, performance and ability to learn which increases the number of street children in Arusha.

​Through the The community regeneration outreach , Travel for charity Tanzania often organizes and providing food stuffs to different schools, centers and orphanages, a cup of high protein maize flour porridge,  to starving children in schools and foster care, based in the Arusha Tanzania.

On average, schools and the community refer to us

2 children every day in need of food, and we can’t provide food to all of them without your support. It requires greater financial resources to feed theses community. However, as you can imagine, giving monthly makes a huge impact on the feeding program, and enables us to feed the starving children every day.

Please start a monthly donation to feed a child today.

​Our program feeding the needs in Arusha Tanzania empower schools and households to establish nutritious food forests to sustain the feeding of children for a long time. Donations are needed to enable schools, centers and Villages that have land to cultivate it, and those without land to hire it, purchase high yield disease-resistant fast-growing crops for establishing food forests, fencing materials to protect the crops from intruders, manure to enrich the soils, pest control materials, and equipment, food storage facilities to help in the preservation of the crops to last longer.

We are inviting you in our program feeding the needs in Arusha Tanzania to get involved by giving a regular contribution to enable children to have a meal at school and be able to concentrate on their education and grow healthy. The future of Uganda lies in the education of the children of today and without a lunchtime meal, education is not possible.

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