Our Services for You


  • Project / Internship Placement according to your wishes and ideas
  • Travel for Charity Tanzania – Volunteer Guidebook and access to online volunteer Area
  • Preparation by our team
  • Visa support
  • Airport transfers both ways (Kilimanjaro International and Arusha Airport)
  • Orientation day in Arusha and project introduction
  • Travel for Charity Tanzania T-Shirt
  • Accommodation with breakfast & dinner from Monday to Friday
  • 24/7 emergency contact
  • Our team members are by your side as contact persons / problem solver / idea givers and more throughout your stay.
  • 18% VAT included

Not Included:

Flights (from $ 700 both ways), Travel Insurance (from $ 15 / month), Humanitarian Visa ($50 for first 3 months, $ 300 for up to 6 months), pocket money, vaccinations (many domestic health insurances cover parts of the travel vaccination costs)


Application Fee (one-time)

We charge a one-time Application Fee, which should be paid within 2 weeks after receiving your official confirmation. The Application Fee remains unchanged no matter which program you choose and covers your transfers and pre-departure support. Once we have received your payment you are officially confirmed and the active preparation for your journey can start.

100 usd



This is the most budget friendly and common option for volunteers who love to socialize with others. Our dormitories consist of 2-4 bunk beds (4-8 volunteers per room). Female volunteers who wish to not stay in mixed dorms are welcome to let us know upon application so we can cater for this.

140 usd/week

Volunteer HoSTEL - Twin / Double Room


We have a limited number of twin- / double rooms available for couples or for friends who would like to have their own room together. We generally recommend to apply at least 6 months in advance if you wish to stay in a private room.



Volunteer Hostel - Single Room


Not everyone likes to share their room with others and prefers more privacy and a place to retreat. For those volunteers our single rooms are the perfect choice. As applies for the double rooms we generally recommend an early application to secure one of our private rooms.