During Childcare volunteering in Tanzania you will be helping to take care of children at one of our funded childcare centers in Arusha called CHARITY ACADEMY. The center is a sponsored for poor children from different families in and out of Arusha . This is where you come in! Whether you are a qualified babysitter or a student, you could help to make a big impact on the lives of underprivileged children in this  childcare volunteering  in Tanzania.


This project aimed at welfare of children from underserved communities, volunteer for childcare in Tanzania and make a difference to their lives as you travel and explore the country, albeit meaningfully and responsibly. Placed in a local childcare centers in Arusha, volunteers in this project are responsible for different tasks such as taking care of children assisting in preparing their meals, helping the local staff with administrative tasks, and being part of fundraising events that secures food and shelter for the kids at the center.

A typical shelter houses 30-40 children in the age group of 4-15 years and volunteers have left behind an inspiring legacy. From funding shelters, food, clothing, stationery for the children to running online campaigns for the same, work done at the childcare center is truly phenomenal and volunteers who are enthusiastic to make a difference should sign up for childcare volunteering in Tanzania.

Program Requirements

Volunteers must be 17 years or older at the time of joining the project. Participants should have an open mind and flexible attitude for working in a new and different environment. Volunteers need to be flexible, open-minded and have a passion for working with children. You should also be proactive and have the ability to take initiative All volunteers must provide a clean criminal background check report prior to joining the program. A parental consent form shall be required for Under 18 participants joining the program.

Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

Being a volunteer, you’ll have to work alongside the existing staff to care for the children.
You’ll also have to help in the daily tasks at the Childcare Centers such as washing clothes, feeding the children and making suggestions to the staff for improvement, help in administrative work etc.
Help the children with their homework and play games with them to engage them in activity-based learning.
In case you are a creative person, you can try your hands in adding some more colors to the entire environment, by renovating the center, along with your peers.
Most importantly, ensure that the kids are drenched in love and care because that’s what they need the most.

If you’d like to find out more about childcare volunteering in Tanzania , apply now to hear from our specialist trip adviser.


At Chilcare volunteering in Tanzania you are generally expected to work at their placement five days a week. Weekday mornings will start with breakfast with other volunteers at our volunteer house, with program starting at around 8.30am. An orientation session will be conducted by the local coordinator, covering the major topics such as safety, culture, language, places to visit, behavior, food, and other suggestions for things to do in Tanzania. At around 12pm you’ll get a break for lunch, which you can take with other volunteers and local staff. In the afternoons you’ll be taking additional classes but there is often time for games and sports and it will be your job to help run these.

You will generally finish your placement teaching volunteer in Tanzania at around 5pm, though you’ll find that the children will often want you stay around to play! After your placement you’ll get a chance to unwind with other volunteers and local team members over dinner, and we often organize games and activities of our own in the evenings. Weekends are also your own but there are always plenty of extra Adventures to do in

Tanzanian volunteers stay in our lovely volunteer hostel in the city of Arusha. It’s a comfortable and fun place to live  same and you’ll generally be staying in a same-sex dormitory. Bed linen is provided but you please bring your own towel. The hostel has hot showers, and plenty of communal space for you to share with other volunteers.

Breakfast and dinner will be provided for you as part of your program fee. Breakfast will normally be bread, butter, jam, tea, coffee, fruit, eggs or pancakes. Dinners will be a mixture of western and African meals, so expect things like rice, beans, mixed vegetables, chapatis, curry and stewed meat. You are encouraged to try out the local vendors and stalls near your placement for lunch; they provide food very cheaply and you will be promoting Agape’s support for the community, as well as having the opportunity to sample local cooking. Alternatively, you can make your own lunch with food from the local supermarket.

Our safari department organizes several excursions and adventures for volunteers in Tanzania, including safaris on the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake manyara and Zamzibar and a weekend visiting the beautiful Moshi Waterfalls and Chemka Hot Springs. We also offer a week long trip to climb Africa’s highest peak – Mount Kilimanjaro – including all transportation and an experienced guide. To find out more about the trips on offer, apply now to be put in touch with our Tanzania trip adviser.

The Application Process


  • 1: Start Your Application

    Once you have chosen where you would like to volunteer and you will need to fill in some basic details about yourself as well about the program you wish to participate in, so that we can get back to you with the relevant information.

  • 2: Your Own Trip Advisor

    Your own personal trip adviser should contact you within 48 hours after submitting your application. They will be responsible for your entire booking, including: answering any questions you have, helping you to source flights and giving you important safety.

  • 3: Select Adventures

    Our Safari department Bush and Forest Explorers will provide you an adventures guide for the destination you will be explorering in. This includes some extra trips you can take on top of your volunteering; these vary from safaris, weekends at beach resorts to a hike up Kilimanjaro!

  • 4: Pay and Depart

    We will direct through how to pay your program fee and for any extra trips. Shortly before your departure we will be in contact to give you some information about airport pick ups and safety procedures, from there you are all set for your African adventure.


Our children school is located in Arusha about 10 minutes from the center, children who are coming at school aged from 3 to 6 years. The school is mostly supported by volunteers who are working there like helping to buy children food, buying teaching supplies, buys playing toys. Learn more about our children school in the link below.