travel for charity Tanzania

Travel for Charity Tanzania is a transparent Non Profit with a registration number 00NGO/R/3512/ which based in Arusha-Tanzania ( headquarter ). The organization was first found in 2020 by the chairman and director called RAPHAEL CHRISTIAN who had a dream of changing the life of thousands local people through good and quality Education. Raphael was first employed in tourism companies before he decided to quit the job and start to serve and help his community. His dream of Changing the life of Local communities through good and quality Education lies on three projects which  are:

  1. Education > In Education project there is Children school ( daycare and preschool) , Opening school ( for youths who don’t skills, knowledge or experience for them to find employment opportunity) In opening school youths are taught to speak basic and intermediate English/ Foreign language( already started), computer, hair dressing, designing, Hotel and Tour Guiding.
  2. Sport > In sport project youths and children are how to be a good player, how to behave, how to participate in different social activities. Youths and children should have a good and better health so as they could have a powerful mind set for their studies. They are practicing everyday in the evening after school sessions. 
  3. Empowerment > In this Project Youths and Women are given the chance to learn some hand work activities which will help them to get a knowledge and skills to help them to be employed or employ themselves in future.

Currently Raphael is not employed but he has tried his best level start a small Travel company ( BUSH AND FOREST EXPLORER AFRICAN SAFARI which will help volunteers to explore his country in a very affordable price after or before their volunteering in the projects. This small company is the one which helps him to run his family basic needs and the organization expenses, there while volunteering to his projects feel free to ask him to to arrange a safari, hiking and excursion for you or for your family and friends for the best experience in Tanzania.

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