giving is not the richness

It was very awe-inspiring day to meet one of the masai village in third time where we brought to them school bags, clothes and shoes. Children and youths are feeling very encouraged to receive these help which have being donated by people from different places. At this honored time we’re thanking those who donated these staffs because through these we rebuild their happiness. In these places there are a lot of children and youths who need help from you guy (s) in any means because giving is not richness and the more you give the more you receive.

join the impact

At these places Children, Youths and Women are in need of different help because most of them are definitely poor families which make a lot of children to stop going to school and youths to engage in to bad groups and lose man power in community while women are becoming dependent to man due to lack of skills and knowledge. Anyone from anywhere around the world is invited to make the impact to these community through:

  1. Buying Second clothes
  2. Buying School materials
  3. Buying Second hand shoes
  4. Sponsoring a kid
  5. Donation 


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